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Book of Photography and Our Rich History

“Claiming Our Stories” showcases the voices of an engaging group of established and emerging Filipino American writers. “Claiming Our Stories” is an intergenerational anthology that complements the project’s historical images with the insight and context of personal historical accounts. Since first released in 2014 we sold out. This limited edition of “Claiming Our Stories – an Intergenerational Anthology” is available on November 20, 2022 commemorating the 20th Anniversary of the Smithsonian Institution’s celebrated exhibit “Through My Father’s Eyes – The Filipino American Photographs of Ricardo Ocreto Alvarado (1914 – 1976).

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” Migration whether voluntary or involuntary might be the central theme of American literature and one that unites Americans across ethnic and racial grounds.Using poetry,documents, prose and manifestos, American Filipinos add their stories to this body of literature. Some of the writers are American born who bond with the older generation through sports and social clubs. The older generation is also present; they had to fight their way into the mainstream, sometimes with their fists and at other times using the courts. With ‘Claiming Our Stories,’ published by The Alvarado Project, the contributors set a high literary standard.”

Ishmael Reed
Writer, Educator

“It is a beautiful and historical account of lives of Filipino Americans in post-World War II San Francisco. Since those years, San Francisco and the Bay Area Filipino community has grown significantly, spurred in part by the post-1968 surge of Philippine immigrants. Many of the newcomers had no idea that earlier generations of Filipinos had long called this region home. But in this ignorance they aren’t alone. Others in the city and its surrounding area also have no idea of Filipinos’ decades-long presence in San Francisco – that they worked, raised families, built communities, bought homes and in so doing became part of the fabric of The City. “

Peter Bacho
Writer, Educator

“The menu before you is a display of dishes, mostly Filipino lives with U.S. settings. The richness in the storytelling is what first moved me, the characters and voices historic and human, spanning across fiction, poetry, and history within the Filipino landscape of the U.S. and even before. Writers, from seasoned to budding to in-between, join forces here to bring an impact that leaves the reader inspired, emotion-ful, spiritual, and very human.”

Oscar Penaranda
Poet, Writer, Educator